Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Cost of Not Following Your Heart....

The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.....
When I talk to people about working out and getting healthy or the coaching opportunity, I always hear how great it would be but "right now I am too busy" or "I just don't have time for this." I mean, I get it. We are human. We are all busy. We all have obligations - family, full-time jobs, 2 jobs, errands to run, kids to bus from point A to point B.... but the thing with that is, it will never change! You will always be busy, whether or not the same stuff keeps you busy a year from now just means you will have new stuff added to your plate. That's life. But I guess I would hate to look back on my life with regret because I was "too busy." 
We only get one life so why not live it to be your best self? Whether that's getting healthy, following your passion, taking up a hobby you love - no matter what it is, just do it! Why not? Take a chance, give it a shot and see what happens! What do you have to lose? 
We all have the opportunity to change our circumstances... it may take some work in the beginning but I promise you it will pay off. YOU have potential to do SO MUCH MORE with your life. All it takes is that first step to try..... <3


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