Wednesday, September 23, 2015

All You Need

When baby girl went down for her afternoon nap today I had plans to get my workout in…just like every other day during the week. Most days I am ready to workout by the time the afternoon rolls around and am kind of excited for it. But today was different. I just wasn’t feeling it. Not even a little. I am human. So, instead I decided to clean the basement aka my new/old workout area. :) I worked out down there up until Jordy was born and then moved my workouts upstairs to be closer to her room. (Shameless plug: that’s the nice thing about workout DVDs - they “work out” everywhere.) 

We never use our basement otherwise because it needs some updating, so it gets neglected when it comes to cleaning, vacuuming, etc. down there. Which means it turns into Spider City. :( Well, today I braved the basement cleaning and vacuumed up I am guessing around a million spiders. I also vacuumed up something from the crack of our ceiling tile that may or may not have had a claw. I am not even joking. I am actually crying on the inside thinking about it. 

So after getting the heebie jeebies a few hundred times our basement is fresh and clean for me to workout in again! It’s nothing fancy, and I don’t have a ton of equipment, but it works and it’s affordable. I like. 

Nothing like being able to walk to your basement to get a killer workout in while your kids are napping…. or in today's case, after they go to bed at night. :) And thank you to my accountability groups for making sure I stick to my word and actually workout tonight! ;)

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