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Did you know that there is just over 3 months left of 2015??!!! That means there is just over 3 months until we all decide it’s time to make a New Year’s resolution….which for a lot of people includes losing weight.

So…..for these next 3 months most of us will over-indulge through football Sundays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then when it comes time for New Year’s Eve, we will probably be the heaviest we have been all year because we decided to wait for that new year to roll around. Ouch.

Who wants to start a new year off like that? Why not get a hold of yourself now, start making some better choices with nutrition, get yourself into a workout routine and go into this next year already at your goal??! Maybe make a New Year’s resolution that doesn’t involve weight-loss for once? :)

If you are ready to stop telling yourself “I don't have time” or “I am just not ready” then join my team and I in our next weight-loss challenge group! We will focus on clean eating, portion control, and creating new habits to take us through the holidays. We will workout for just 30 minutes each day, in our own homes, whatever time of the day works best. We will be in a group with others that have the same goals to help hold us accountable.

So, instead of wondering if now is the right time, make NOW the right time! I have 10 spots available for anyone looking to lose up to 20 pounds. This group will fill up fast so if you are interested make sure to email me at or comment below ASAP!

Think of that feeling you will get when you've reached your goal weight…..

#TheTimeIsNow #InspireGreatness

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