Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 2 Review of the 3-Day Refresh

When I woke up this morning I really did not think I would have much of a loss from yesterday since I am pretty sure I lost the majority of my water weight on day 1 (down 3 lbs) but much to my surprise, I have lost another 2 pounds since yesterday, bringing me to a total of 5 lbs down in 2 days! :) 

Aside from the weight-loss, I just feel GOOD! I have more energy, a clearer focus, and today I can officially say I am not craving the junk like I was the first day or so. 

Last night I tried one of the dinner options from the Refresh and it was a kale salad with pine nuts, lemon juice and a little Himalayan salt for taste. Overall, it was pretty good! At first I really didn't think I would like it, but after eating it I was full, satisfied, and ready to take on day 3! This cleanse has really made me focus back on water and how much I am drinking each day, which totally helps with staying full. I used to be so good about getting in about 100 oz each day, but after I had my daughter last April, and have been working from home, I am lucky if I get in 50 oz. And that is just not like me! So, another benefit for me with this Refresh, is that I am back in the water game!! #juglife

Eating this clean, getting in my water and drinking Shakeology has really helped get me back to feeling like "me." These last few months have been crazy busy, resulting in not-so-healthy choices, and I was just yearning for something to get me back on track. Thank God I tried this Refresh because I feel amazing! I am even back to drinking tea at night, which totally puts me into sleep mode, and I have been sleeping great because of it!
Cool fall night, warm tea at hand, a walk with my loves to the park - the perfect Tuesday night! <3
Today is the LAST day to get the 3-Day Refresh at the promotional price!! I would love to talk to you more about it if you are interested or have questions! Feel free to comment on this post, message me on Facebook at (you may have to add me as a friend first) or email me at

For my day 1 recap of the 3-Day Refresh, click here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day One Review of the 3-Day Refresh

Yesterday I started day 1 of the 3-Day Refresh and I am not going to lie, when I woke up I ALMOST decided to delay my start to Tuesday (today) because I really wanted coffee....and creamer....and peanut butter, haha. smile emoticon Baby girl was not having it the night before and was up quite a bit....then woke up SUPER early that morning....making for one tired and slightly crabby mama. frown emoticon 
After sitting in my pity party for a few minutes, I snapped out of it and decided that I would just suck it up and start it. I just couldn't start off the week on a bad foot! So, I got up, chugged my water, made my shake to take with me while I dropped the kids off at daycare, and came home to eat a bowl full of strawberries. Starting the morning off by eating fruit and Shakeology, whether I am doing the Refresh or not, is something I love to do because I just feel fresh and awake and ready to take on the day!
The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. The Refresh comes with a fiber drink and vanilla fresh shake that you drink throughout the day. I also get to drink Shakeology (love!!) and eat fruits, veggies, nuts, hummus, and almond butter. I also focus on drinking water (half my body weight in ounces). That's it! It's recommended to not work out or if you do, to focus on light/moderate workouts, but I have decided to just take a break and focus on the cleanse. I am counting cleaning as a work out for these 3 days. :)

My only complaint is that my husband made cheesy chip dip and was drinking a beer while watching the Packers last night.... and I ate a cucumber salad.....*side-eye

I stuck to my plan, even with the smell of cheese dip floating through the air, and feel really good today. I got a great night's sleep and woke up feeling lighter. I decided to just hop on the scale this morning and I am already down 3 pounds! Now, I am sure it's mostly water weight - but I'll take it! I am not expecting that big of a loss tomorrow morning but things are moving in the right direction and I feel really good!

If you would like to learn more about the 3-Day Refresh check this out!

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Limits / Opportunity

In this last week I have noticed SO many women on Facebook that have announced their pregnancies with a due date in April. I think I have seen at least 5 now! Just brings me back to this time last year because I announced the same exact thing. 
smile emoticJust brings me back to this time last year because I announced the same exact thing. heart emoticon
I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Jordyn and how excited I was, but at the same time, how much my fire was lit. I had been coaching about 5 months at the time and had seen some AMAZING, real-life, journeys lead to people being able to leave their full-time jobs and “retire” themselves to stay home with their spouses, children, etc. I wanted that SO bad for myself and for my family. I would see these coaches, newly being able to stay home full-time, posting pictures of impromptu park trips with their kids, in the middle of the day….on a Tuesday. I just wanted that freedom! I wanted to dictate my day and stop answering to someone else!
I would sit in my cubicle all day long dreaming about being able to stay home with my kids. I would write out to-do lists, business ideas, dreams and goals I wanted to reach…. all day, every day. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I HAD to make it happen. I NEEDED to make it happen. I couldn’t stand thinking about sending a brand new baby to daycare again. 
I honestly pushed so hard to make this dream of mine a reality and it took literally up until I had a week and a half left of maternity leave for me to be able to let my boss know that I wasn’t coming back. It was CRAZY. It was INSANE. But, it was my reality!! I remember that first week when I was supposed to be back to work and how I just felt odd, haha. I had no idea what to do with myself! I am not old by any means, and there are a gazillion people out there that have worked harder and longer than me in their lives, but I have been working since I was 14 years old and at the age of 30 I was able to leave my corporate job to run my own home-based business. And this business all started because I wanted to lose a little baby weight I had gained with KB. It still blows my mind. 
Now, that I have this freedom, I get to wake up tomorrow morning before my kids get up and workout, get the priorities on my to-do list done, and spend the rest of my day with my kids. And if I end up sleeping in, because EVERYBODY knows I am NOT a morning person, I can work on my to-do list during nap time or after they go to sleep at night. This flexibility is still something I am not completely used to, but I LOVE it. And now that I have it, I can’t imagine living life any other way. 
I am now more than ever so determined and motivated to help others have this same freedom to do whatever they want! If it means traveling more, staying home with kids, volunteering - whatever! I just know that this freedom has led me to realize the potential I have and I want others to see their potential too. Because in this life there is so much potential that goes to waste just because someone didn’t believe in themselves to take a chance and that is not how I want your life to go down! 
Starting next month my team, Inspire Greatness, is offering a coach training program designed to get new coaches started off on the right foot and reaching the first milestone in their business in their first month. With that said, I am looking for:
~ Busy moms
~ Stay at home moms
~ Working moms
~ Women who are driven
~ Motivated women
~ Women who are passionate about helping others
~ Women who love health & fitness
~ Moms who need a change
~ Moms who want to replace their full-time income or just make enough for extra spending money
~ Moms who need some “me” time
This list could go on forever but if YOU are ANY of these things and THINK that maybe this opportunity would be right for you DON’T hesitate to reach out so we can chat and go over all of the options and chat about opportunities that this could bring to your life!
If you would like to be considered, please message me, comment below or fill out my application at:

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pumpkin Pie Shake Recipe

ERRRRMERRRRRGERRRRRD!!!! So, I am pretty boring when it comes to making shakes and typically just mix mine with water… and on occasion mix my chocolate with PB and banana. But this morning I was feeling a little spunky and wanted to try something new. Insert: Pumpkin Pie Shakeology!!! After taking my first sip I immediately wondered what I have been doing with my life. Why haven’t I tried this before!!?? It’s SOOOO yummy! Maybe it was fate….maybe it was a coincidence, but I happened to have all the ingredients on hand so it was basically written in the stars that I had to try this today. Thanks universe. Anyway, here is the recipe so you can give it a try yourself! Nothing like having “pumpkin pie” for breakfast when it’s actually a nutrient dense shake that will provide my body with EVERYTHING it needs to function at an optimal level. It’s science. Okay, I am done rambling…. just give it a try and you won’t be sorry. :)

:::::: Pumpkin Pie Shake
  • 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 scopp/packet of vanilla shakeology
  • 1 Tbsp pure pumpkin puree
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 
  • 1/2 tsp ground pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 cup ice
** I added about 5-6 oz of water because I don’t like mine as thick

Add everything to a blender and cover. Blend until smooth. 

Calories: 181
Total fat: 5 g
Fiber: 5 g
Sugars: 8 g
Protein: 17 g

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

All You Need

When baby girl went down for her afternoon nap today I had plans to get my workout in…just like every other day during the week. Most days I am ready to workout by the time the afternoon rolls around and am kind of excited for it. But today was different. I just wasn’t feeling it. Not even a little. I am human. So, instead I decided to clean the basement aka my new/old workout area. :) I worked out down there up until Jordy was born and then moved my workouts upstairs to be closer to her room. (Shameless plug: that’s the nice thing about workout DVDs - they “work out” everywhere.) 

We never use our basement otherwise because it needs some updating, so it gets neglected when it comes to cleaning, vacuuming, etc. down there. Which means it turns into Spider City. :( Well, today I braved the basement cleaning and vacuumed up I am guessing around a million spiders. I also vacuumed up something from the crack of our ceiling tile that may or may not have had a claw. I am not even joking. I am actually crying on the inside thinking about it. 

So after getting the heebie jeebies a few hundred times our basement is fresh and clean for me to workout in again! It’s nothing fancy, and I don’t have a ton of equipment, but it works and it’s affordable. I like. 

Nothing like being able to walk to your basement to get a killer workout in while your kids are napping…. or in today's case, after they go to bed at night. :) And thank you to my accountability groups for making sure I stick to my word and actually workout tonight! ;)

The Cost of Not Following Your Heart....

The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.....
When I talk to people about working out and getting healthy or the coaching opportunity, I always hear how great it would be but "right now I am too busy" or "I just don't have time for this." I mean, I get it. We are human. We are all busy. We all have obligations - family, full-time jobs, 2 jobs, errands to run, kids to bus from point A to point B.... but the thing with that is, it will never change! You will always be busy, whether or not the same stuff keeps you busy a year from now just means you will have new stuff added to your plate. That's life. But I guess I would hate to look back on my life with regret because I was "too busy." 
We only get one life so why not live it to be your best self? Whether that's getting healthy, following your passion, taking up a hobby you love - no matter what it is, just do it! Why not? Take a chance, give it a shot and see what happens! What do you have to lose? 
We all have the opportunity to change our circumstances... it may take some work in the beginning but I promise you it will pay off. YOU have potential to do SO MUCH MORE with your life. All it takes is that first step to try..... <3