Beachbody Coaching

Are you wondering what Beachbody coaching is all about? Do you see people post about it on social media and wonder what exactly we do? Check out this video!!

Team Inspire Greatness

Team Inspire Greatness was formed back in March of 2014 when I, a mom and wife, decided that enough was enough with feeling "blah" physically and professionally. When I signed up as a coach I basically just wanted the discounts and that was it. Within a week of my fitness program, eating healthy and drinking Shakeology, I dropped 6 pounds and had my "ah-ha" moment. I was feeling AMAZING and knew I had an opportunity in the palm of my hands to help other women look and feel amazing too. I wanted to help others realize they can take control of their health and their life, to look and feel better on the inside and out. 

Building my team has been my favorite part of being a coach. With each new coach that joins my team, more and more people are being supported to reach their goals with their health and fitness and also their financial goals. I have witnessed people get in the best shape of their lives and inspire hundreds of others to do the same thing. THIS IS THE COOLEST JOB EVER!!!

To join my team of coaches you MUST not take life too seriously... I am a giant goof and love to have fun in anything I do. This "job" is not your typical 9-5, Monday through Friday gig. This is a work when you want, how much you want, get out what you put in, type of "job." We have FUN in what we do because let's be honest, life is too short to not be having fun. 

My team is made up of hard workers, determination, dreamers, goal-getters, and people that are not afraid to be themselves! We support each other, encourage each other and thrive on our TEAM'S success. #startedfromthebottomnowWE'rehere

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