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Just over a year ago I was a wife and mother struggling to lose the last of the baby weight I had gained while pregnant with my son. Balancing being a mom and wife while working full-time, I really had a hard time finding the time to focus on myself. I felt defeated because everything that had worked in my past to lose weight was not working anymore. I was on the verge of giving up and just accepting the fact that I would never get back to my pre-baby weight.

One day as I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook I saw a post about being a Beachbody coach from the wife of a previous boss of mine and this trip she was going on. I had noticed her posts in the past but never thought twice about them until that moment. She seemed so happy and successful as a coach because she was able to pay for this trip through coaching, yet she was a stay-home mom with FOUR kids. I was intrigued because how could a stay at home mom with 4 kids make a living being a Beachbody coach, let alone pay for a trip??? How did she have time for that?? Plus, she had a rockin’ body and you would never guess she gave birth to 4 kids. I was just amazed.

After a few messages back and forth and a phone call later with her, I decided to become a coach. Initially, I figured signing up as a coach would hold me accountable and keep me motivated to lose the last 15 pounds I had gained while pregnant. I really had no intentions of doing much as a coach other than taking advantage of the discount on Shakeology and workout programs. My coach put me into a challenge group right away and that first week I dropped 6 pounds. It was basically falling off. That was my "ah-ha" moment. I was shocked. I knew right then and there that this opportunity was special. It was something I was looking for my entire life but had no idea until that moment. I felt so good because I was finally feeling healthy again and more like the Devon I thought was long gone. That is when I decided I needed to pay it forward and help other mothers feel the way I did.

Since then coaching has literally changed my life. Not only has it helped me get healthy, have a healthy second pregnancy, lose the baby weight I gained with #2 faster than ever; but it has helped create an income for my family I never thought would be possible. Quickly after becoming a coach I made a goal to quit my full-time job so that I could stay home with my babies and work from home as a coach. I am just not cut out for the 9-5, Monday through Friday, sitting in a cubicle all-day, type of job. I have alway just known I was meant for something different. Coaching is that something different for me.

About 4 months ago something truly amazing happened. 15 months into my business, I put in my 2-weeks notice to my full-time job because I am making enough to replace my income. All from being an online health coach, supporting others in their health journey and building a team of coaches doing the same thing.

All I can say is WOW.

I am finally able to live a life of FREEDOM. A life by my own design and not someone else’s. I get to work when I want to work, take vacation, spend as much time cuddling my new baby as much as I want and witness all her milestones, keep my son home from daycare with me, and have time to focus on my own health without feeling like I am cutting out time away from my family. I can do what I want, when I want and only have to answer to myself. Never did I think at the age of 30 that this would be possible.

If you can relate to any part of my story message me, email me at devonladu@gmail.com or comment below. I am looking to expand my team, Inspire Greatness, with people who are looking to live a life of freedom.

All it took was a message to my coach asking a few questions to change my life and I know it will be the same for so many other people out there too.


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