Monday, May 15, 2017

Free 5-Day Abs & Booty Challenge!

Bikinis & Shorts.... Two things I love and 2 things that give me the most anxiety as I approach summer....

Let me tell you, over the years I have gotten MUCH better about feeling comfortable with my body over the summer months. Up until not that long ago, I have always been self-conscious about how my legs look in shorts or how my tummy looks in a bikini. I have always been one to set new year's resolutions to finally drop the the weight, or to tone up, and then before I know it, it's getting warmer and I am not even close to reaching those goals. And then I am left wearing baggy clothes, wearing jeans even though I am sweating to death, and covering myself up at the lake all because I don't physically feel confident with myself. I have spent WAY too many years feeling that way! I used to try crash diets, diet pills, over-exercising, counting calories - basically anything quick - leading up to weekends like Memorial Day or the 4th of July in hopes I could drop 5-10 pounds before putting on that swimsuit. And every time I would either drop some weight and immediately put it back on over the holiday weekends, fail miserably or be HANGRY all the time (which is no way to live), or just give up, put on my jeans and hoodie, and sweat my face off. All of that is horrible, by the way.
Over the last few years I have learned that there is a much better, easier and WAY healthier way to drop a few pounds and I want to share that with YOU! I am inviting you to join me on Monday, May 22nd for my 5-Day Abs & Booty challenge! This will be 5 days of workouts focused on your butt and gut, healthy recipes, daily accountability & support, fun, and PRIZES!!
To join, fill out the application below:

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