Thursday, March 9, 2017


That girl in those pictures is me, obvi, from when I was in college in Eau Claire. :) I transferred to UWEC from Arizona State to finish up the last couple years of my degree, which eventually happened, just not how I had planned.

You see, back when I was younger I was always taught to work hard, get good grades, and go to college. I mean, it’s what you are supposed to do so that you can be a successful adult and get a good job. So, I did that.

In highschool I was an (almost) straight A student and always did well in my classes….but that is not because I studied all the time or anything like that. I just did my homework and never had to really try much harder beyond that. School just came easy to me. Plus, I really liked school. I enjoyed my classes and was involved in choir, theater, hockey, student council - I was just really into the extracurricular stuff and loved staying busy and active. 

When I went off to college I was so excited because I really looked forward to getting out of Owatonna. I have wanderlust and love traveling, going to new places, and exploring. So, going all the way to Arizona was pretty freaking sweet to me at the time. I mean, my dorm brochure showed a picture of my building with a pool outside of it!! This Minnesota girl was ready for year-round sun and warm weather!

I spent 2 years at ASU and in that 2 years realized I am not as smart as I thought I was! HA! I actually HAD to study, which I had no idea how to even do that, and I slowly started slipping away academically. I am sure it was a combo of being in a completely new place, having complete freedom to do whatever I wanted, and realizing that I had no interest in a majority of my classes. I wasn’t excited about school anymore like I had always been and it was weird. 

After 2 years in Arizona I transferred to UW-Eau Claire to be closer to home….not TOO close though, haha. It was in Eau Claire that I broke up with my long-time boyfriend, met my now husband, bought and tried my first ever Beachbody program (P90X), got suspended from college, and eventually graduated. WHEW!! 

But let me back it up to that part about getting suspended. I am pretty sure that was one of the lowest points in my life. The girl that always got good grades, was involved in all that extra stuff, sucked at college. Like, REALLY sucked. I just didn’t have any passion for it! But I was so ashamed to admit that back then because college was what I was supposed to do. And I didn't want to let anyone down. So, I toughed it out, took winter and summer classes, and eventually graduated with my bachelor’s in Public Relations. The really funny thing about all this is that at the time I was suspended, I bought P90X. I saw the infomercial for it about a hundred times and finally decided to get it. Annnnd I am pretty sure the longest I have lasted doing that workout is about 2 weeks…that damn yoga!!! haha Little did I know I would be one day working as a coach! Kind of crazy how life leaves these clues for you when you least expect it!

After finally graduating I imagined myself living in a big city, working for a marketing firm, with an office high up with a big window overlooking the city. As you can see that did NOT happen…and I am 1-million percent okay with that! 

There have been so many times leading up to now when I thought I was a complete failure or had no direction with my life because I lacked passion in what I was doing. I started thinking that was normal as an adult but I am so thankful I took a step outside my comfort zone and went for something completely “unconventional.” Sure, I still work really hard every day, but at least my hard work is going towards MY business and it’s something I love doing. I am able to be here for my kids when they need me and I can build my business around them. 

I truly believe life leads you down a path of “stuff" to prepare you for what you are really destined for. Of course, we can ignore certain signs on the path, take pit-stops, or wrong turns, but that just means we were’t ready for that next destination yet. 

If any part of my story spoke to you or if you can relate to anything I have gone through let me know by commenting below or sending me an email to I am passionate about paying this forward to people who just want more out of life! To people who are looking for an opportunity to build a business, work from home, have more freedom, and dream BIG dreams! <3

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