Monday, December 14, 2015

Change your mind, change your life!


Look, I was SUPER skeptical about coaching before I started. I knew about this opportunity months… well actually, years before I started and always thought it was a scam. I thought it was too good to be true and I figured there were only maybe a handful of people that were actually successful with it.

I toyed around with the idea back in college but assumed it was only for people that were totally in-shape… I am talking people that worked out hours each day to only eat lettuce and drink water. I am definitely not that type of person and there is NO WAY I am giving up ALL my favorite foods to maybe be successful at something I have no experience with. 

I quickly put that coaching idea out of my mind because I just didn’t trust it. Plus, I didn’t really know anyone who was doing it… just people here and there that I would hear about through Facebook.

Then years passed and I got married, had kids, gained weight, lost weight, got new jobs, bought a house, etc… I reached a point where I had all these things in my life going incredibly right but I was still feeling like something was missing. I just knew that I wanted more out of life, but didn’t really know what that was.

When I reached out to my coach to ask about coaching I had it in my mind that she was going to blow a bunch of smoke up my a$$ to get me to sign up and figured I would hear her out, and then google the sh*t out of this opportunity. And that is exactly what I did. I was looking for red flags and reasons to NOT be a coach. I searched and searched for 3 days straight and found nothing that made me second-guess what my coach told me. NOTHING. Nada. I mean, you know how big the internet is, right? And still….nothing. 

So, after thinking about it for a few days I decided to buy a challenge pack and sign up as a coach. It was a big deal because as a newer mother, I wasn’t really spending much on myself other than the necessities. We had purchased a treadmill not too long before that and to justify something else to help me lose those last 15 baby pounds was hard to do. But, I just closed my eyes and did it. Best.decision.ever.

I really want to save people from the anxiety and uncertainty of researching Beachbody coaching that I went through. My coaching “open house” is totally unbiased. I believe this opportunity can SAVE people like it saved me and like I have been able to help save others I have come in contact with. :)

Listen, you don’t have to be at your goal weight, be a sales person, or be a marketing guru. You actually don’t need any experience at all and you even could be starting day one of your health and fitness journey when you sign up to coach. The only prerequisite to join my team is to: BE YOU. 

Are you saying to yourself, “Okay, this seems like an amazing opportunity but I am still unsure about this…” Well that’s okay - I have you covered!! :) Tomorrow my team and I will be kicking off our 3-day coaching “open house” that will help fill in the blanks and give you the info you need to decide if this opportunity is the right one for you. To join us please send me an email at and I will get you added!

I have some crazy, amazing, HUGE goals for 2016!! If you are ready to take things up a notch and start creating a life by your OWN design, then don’t miss out on this sneak peek! 

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